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Since NPORS was formed in 1992 it has worked hard to ensure that appropriate training and assessments are being delivered to employers in the construction, utilities, distribution and warehousing, ports and marine, rail and agricultural sectors. The Health & Safety Executive organisation recognise NPORS training providers as fully competent to train, test and certify operators.

The main objective of the NPORS certificate is to allow a flexible approach to meet the needs of the employer and to help and assist in providing an adequately trained construction workforce. The NPORS operator registration card is produced for an individual who has successfully completed testing on the categories shown on the back of the card. This shows that they have achieved a level of competence to operate the item on the card.

The National Plant Operators Registration Scheme, or NPORS as it is more commonly known, is an  alternative card scheme to CPCS.

NPORS Machine categories we offer

  • N001 Counter Balance Forklift
  • N010 Telescopic Handler
  • N107 Lorry Loader
  • N109 MEWP Boom
  • N109 MEWP Scissor
  • N201 Excavator 180
  • N202 Excavator 360°
  • N204 Forward Tipping Dumper
  • N205 Rear Tipping Dumper
  • N212 – Skid Steer Loader (Bobcat)
  • N214 Road roller
  • N402 Slinger / Signaller
  • N601 Agricultural Tractor
  • N607 4×4 Off-Road Training
  • N722 Materials Re handler

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