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Since NPORS was formed in 1992 it has worked hard to ensure that appropriate training and assessments are being delivered to employers in the construction, utilities, distribution and warehousing, ports and marine, rail and agricultural sectors. The Health & Safety Executive organisation recognise NPORS training providers as fully competent to train, test and certify operators.

The main objective of the NPORS certificate is to allow a flexible approach to meet the needs of the employer and to help and assist in providing an adequately trained construction workforce. The NPORS operator registration card is produced for an individual who has successfully completed testing on the categories shown on the back of the card. This shows that they have achieved a level of competence to operate the item on the card.

The National Plant Operators Registration Scheme, or NPORS as it is more commonly known, is an  alternative card scheme to CPCS.

NPORS Machine categories we offer

4 x 4 Off Road Vehicle (N607) 21
Abrasive Wheels – Hand Held Cut Off Saw (N017) 20
Abrasive Wheels (N301) 22
Agricultural Tractor (N601) 23
All Terrain Vehicle – Multi Drive (N608c) 20
All Terrain Vehicle – Sit Astride (N608a) 20
All Terrain Vehicle – Sit In (N608b) 20
Appointed Person BS7121 (N401) 22
Asbestos Awareness (N031) 19
Asphalt Chipper Spreader (N244) 21
Attachment Training Record 21
Bench Saw (N302) 21
Boat Hoist (N136) 21
Cable Avoidance Tool (N304) 21
Cartridge Tools (N710) 21
Chainsaw – Maintenance and Cross Cutting (N602) 22
Circular saw (N303) 21
Compact Crane (N140) 20
Concrete Cutting Chainsaw (N025) 21
Concrete Placing Boom (Static) (N721) 20
Concrete Pump (Mobile) (N211) 21
Confined Spaces – High Risk (N702C) 19
Confined Spaces – Low Risk (N702A) 19
Confined Spaces – Medium Risk (N702B) 19
Container Handler (N012) 23
Crane / Lift Supervisor (N405) 21
Crawler Crane (N103) 20
Crusher (N207) 21
Dozer (N215) 20
Dragline (N116) 21
Excavation Marshall Banksperson (N027) 20
Excavator 180 (N201) 23
Excavator 360 (N202) 20.1
Excavator as a Crane (N100) 21
Excavator Micro 360 (Up to 1 Tonne) (N016) 21
Fire Warden (N703) 19
Forward Tipping Dumper (N204) 20
Forward Tipping Mini Dumper up to 1 tonne (N139) 20
Grader (N240) 23
Grass Cutters / Mowers (N604) 19.1
Gritter / Snowplough (N802) 21
Hand Held Hedge Trimmer (N610) 22
Harness and Fall Arrest (N723) 21
High Pressure Water Jetting (N038) 23
Hoist (N111) 20
Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig (N130) 20
Industrial Counterbalanced Lift Truck (N001) 22
Industrial Counterbalanced Lift Truck Theory Test Paperwork(N001) 22

Landfill Compactor (N224) 22
Loader Compressor (N206) 22
Loading Shovel (N209) 23
Log Handler (N106) 23
Lorry Loader (N107) 23
Lorry Mounted Lift Truck (N004) 23
Machine Control System (N030) 19
Manual Handling (N704) 21.1
Marine Knuckle Boom Crane (N014) 20
Mast Climber (N119) 21
Material Re-Handler (N722) 22
MEWP BOOM (N108) 23
MEWP Scissor (N109) 23
Mobile Crane (N101) 20
Mobile Scaffold Towers (N706) 21.1
Multi Directional Lift Truck (N135) 20
Multi Lift and Drop – Hook Loader Vehicle (N225) 20
Narrow Aisle Lift Truck (N007) 22.1
Order Picker (N005) 22.1
Overhead Container Gantry Crane (N114) 22
Overhead Crane (N104) 20
Pallet / Stacker Truck (N008) 22.1
Paver (N220) 21
Pay Welder (N241) 20
Piling Rig (N221) 20
Piling Rig Attendant (N022) 20
Pivot Steer Lift Truck (N013) 23
Plant Inspector – Thorough Examination (N039) 21
Plant Loader Securer (N120) 23.1
Plant Machinery Marshal (N133) 21
Plant Mover – Non Operational Duties (N132) 22
Post Rammer (N041) 21
Powered Handheld Breaker (N048) 23
Puller Winch (N033) 21.1
Quay Crane (N105) 20
Quick Hitch Awareness (N726) 23
Reach Lift truck (N003) 22.1
Reach Lift Truck Theory Test paperwork (N003) 22.1
Rear Tipping Dumper (N205) 20
Refuse Collection Vehicle (N029) 20
Remote Control Tower Crane (N115) 21
Report of Thorough Examination (N019) 21
Rigging and Fleeting Loads – Lift Planner (N046) 19
Rigging and Fleeting Loads (N047) 22.1
Road Planer (N216) 20
Road Roller (N214) 21.1
Road Sweeper (N217) 22
Roll Crusher – Packer (N026) 20
Rough Terrain Lift Truck (N009) 22.1

Safe Use of Mobile Loading Ramps (N045) 23.1
Safe Use of Stepladders and Ladders (N711) 21
Safe Working at Height (N404) 22
Safety at Street and Roadworks (N714) 21
Safety Awareness (S001) 23
Safety Awareness Delegate Handout (S001) 21
Safety Awareness Guidance on Remote Delivery
Safety Awareness Instructor Notes (S001) 21
Safety Awareness Rules for Remote Delivery
Safety Awareness Test Sheets Remote Delivery
Scraper (N223) 20.1
Screener (N208) 20
Shunter Vehicle (N243) 20
Side Boom (N242) 19
Sideloader Lift Truck (N006) 22.1
Skidsteer Loader (N212) 23
Skip Loader (N219) 21
Slinger / Signaller (N402) 23
Soil Displacement Hammer (N015) 20

Soil Stabiliser (N040) 21
Strimmer – Brushcutter (N605) 19.1
Stump Grinder (N606) 19.1
Suction Excavator (N021) 21
Supervisor Awareness – FLT (N036) 21
Supervisor Awareness – MEWP (N035) 21
Supervisor Awareness – Plant (N034) 21
Telescopic Handler (N010) 22.1
Telescopic Handler Suspended Loads (N138) 20
Tiltrotator System (N020) 19
Tow Tractor (N210) 22
Tower Crane (N102) 20
Trencher (N203) 20
Vehicle Marshal (N403) 23
Winching & Recovery (N609) 21
Wood Chipper / Shredder (N603) 21


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