GQA Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Construction Site Management (Construction)

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Who is this qualification for?
This qualification is aimed at those who have responsibility for organising and supervising work on Construction sites including the planning and controlling of work methods, allocation of equipment, personnel and materials, and ensuring work is completed to the required standard and ensuring communication is clear and effective. This qualification is at Level 6, although some units may be at different levels. Level 6 qualifications are primarily aimed at those who are fully trained and experienced in a wide range of roles and requires the individual to be actively involved in decision making and have a good understanding of problems that can occur on Construction sites and be able to deal with them. Candidates will also be required to prove knowledge of legislation, leading teams and maintaining and improving the standards of work.
Because of the wide range of tasks that take place on Construction sites it is not expected that those who have supervisory responsibilities will all do the same activities; the qualification is structured to ensure that there is a high degree of flexibility within the units available, there are 3 pathways to cover a range of Construction activities that come under the following broad headings; Building & Civil Engineering, Highways and Maintenance Repair and Residential Development.

The qualification has been developed in a way to allow employees from companies of all sizes and specialisms equal opportunity to complete.

What is required from candidates?
There are 8 mandatory units in Group A and then there are 3 pathways; Building and Civil Engineering, Highways and Maintenance Repair and Residential Development. In addition to the qualification mandatory units the following applies;candidates on the Building and Civil Engineering pathway must complete all units in Group B1, candidates on the Highways and Maintenance Repair pathway must complete all units in Group C1 and a minimum of 17 credits from Group C2, candidates taking the Residential Development pathway must complete all units in Group D1 and a minimum of 8 credits from Group D2. The minimum credit value of the qualification is 172 credits.

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