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CPR & AED Training Success!

A great success story about how using a defibrillator can save a persons life!

The City of Lisburn, as part of its designation as a Heart City, has accepted a defibrillator gifted by Sheila Osborne, whose life was saved after she suffered a heart attack at home.

Her daughter Pauline carried out CPR as advised by a 999 emergency call handler, which her son Eoin had phoned. He relayed the instructions to his mum. Sheila was then treated with a defibrillator when the ambulance personnel were let in by her middle grandson Sam.

To keep reading Sheila’s story, click the link below:

CPR & AED Training at G H Skills

AED is a technology that has now been made available to the general public and not just paramedics. These amazing machines greatly improve the chances of survival of any casualty when used by those trained. (As seen in Sheila’s story above)

We are a leading provider in First Aid across Northern Ireland and we have been selected by all Education and Library boards in Northern Ireland as their approved provider of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillation (AED) Training.


This course is designed for anyone, but preferably those trained in First Aid. We can offer this training at your venue, at times that are most convenient, we will make it as hassle free for you as possible!

Our training covers:

  • Performing CPR
  • Heart Attack Signs, Symptoms & Treatments
  • The Chain of Survival
  • Defibrillation

We also offer HUGE group discounts, but to avail of these discounts you must book ASAP!

To book, contact our Head Office and quote “Blog Post” while enquiring.

Telephone: 028 8225 6772