Which First Aid Course is for me?: “First Aid” is a broad term for many different techniques and procedures that can be life saving in the everyday emergencies we may encounter at home, the workplace and in public. It is incredibly simple to learn and often a requirement for many job roles today.

HSI have an extensive range of Health & Safety Training Courses that can help you become proficient in industry standard First Aid.

There are two main branches of First Aid Training for the workplace, both of which HSI offers:

Emergency First Aid at Work

First Aid at Work 

Which do I need? 

If you work at a small, low hazard work environment then Emergency First Aid at Work will often suffice. It gives the skills you need to deal with in emergency First Aid situations. First Aid at Work covers everything in the former course but also how to deal with a variety of minor and major illnesses.

The right course for you will depend on the number of people that depend on your qualified First Aid staff members. The larger the premises, the more people that should be trained at a higher level. Whereas out of a small workforce one designated First Aider may be practical.

Health & Safety Ireland can assess and advice which sort of First Aid training suits your organisation.


Factory floors and Administration offices will have different requirements as to who should be trained. Our experienced advisors work with a range of business across different sectors from construction to clerical and will be able to work with you to find the right kind of First Aid Training for your workforce. Get in touch today!