At Health & Safety Ireland we are now offering a 3D / Computer-Aided-Design visualisation service. This is a more affordable option of turning your plans into easily communicable graphics for working with your clients and partners.

In the construction industry it is essential to communicate complex technical information to your colleagues, partners and clients. Effective communication is key to winning contracts and the imagination of clients with your proposals.


Bring your Planning Documents to life with 3D Modelling

Picture showing a notepad and pen, with an arrow pointing to a laptop showing a 3D model with an arrow then pointing to the same 3D model, but it is now visualised.

Show your clients what they want to see.

Communicate details of construction projects and collaborate with clients to take designs forward by being able to rapidly produce 3D models. Rather than using rough sketched layouts to convey ideas you can use a to-scale, true to life model which can be moved around and observed from different angles to show off different design features.

See it for yourself… 

How it works…

We take your existing sketches or plans and develop them into a 3D Model. It can be as detailed or as basic as you require! You’ll get the virtual model file which can be opened, edited and viewed on your PC or smartphone. We can also produce videos looking around the model and high-quality images for use in print, email, presentations or your website.

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